Our Mission


In 1987, the founders of the Pennsylvania Landowners’ Association (PLA), came to recognize that many ordinary citizens and landowners were oblivious to the extent to which extreme environmental philosophy had taken hold in the United States and the degree to which it was being accepted with very few questions and virtually no debate by a disturbingly large number of elected officials and the media in Pennsylvania.


The Pennsylvania Landowners’ Association was formed to educate Pennsylvania landowners about the threat to property rights and personal freedom posed by increasingly intrusive regulation on land use, to generate public debate of the issues thus raised, and to implement a strategy to restore reason and balance in environmental regulation.


The Pennsylvania Landowners’ Association (PLA) is committed to environmentally sound land use practices and conservation of our natural resources and believes that private stewardship of land promotes a healthy environment.


We believe and advocate:


That the right of individuals to own, use and enjoy land energizes the free enterprise system and drives essential economic activity. It is the foundation of individual freedom and economic survival.


A regulatory philosophy that land use and development is the functional equivalent of environmental harm is inconsistent with economic progress.


The need to seek reason and balance to environmental regulation, particularly as it affects use and development of privately owned land;


Increased recognition and observance of Constitutional protections for private property in connection with implementation of all regulation affecting land use;


Concern about excessive Government ownership of land and are opposed to the expansion of public land holdings.


The Pennsylvania Landowners’ Association (PLA) believes that our legislators and other elected officials can be persuaded that reason and balance can and must be restored in government regulation if landowners join together and take a stand for their landThe Pennsylvania Landowners’ Association (PLA) seeks to level the playing field for ordinary citizens and landowners against the bureaucracy and large, anti-development advocacy groups.



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