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Allegheny River Designated Under Wild and Scenic Rivers Act

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Joint Guidance of the Army Corp of Engineers

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If You Don't Know WHY It May Be Too Late - H. Ingram, Esq.

The Deadly Prejudice

Live Free or Move

Obama's Last Year in Office

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USDA Conservation Compliance

5 Steps to Conservation Compliance

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Section 404 of the Clean Water Act

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Memorandum of Agreement: Corps of Engineers & EPA

The Robert Brace Case


Brace Filed for Compensation - Newsletter Volume XVIII, Number 2, Fall 2004

Letter to EPA 11.28.16

Property Rights Foundation Honors Robert Brace

Environmental Reporter

Heaven Help Robert Brace (Farmshine Article 8.26.16)
(Your Land and Water Rights Are NOT Guaranteed!)

Over Zealous Officer's Abuse of Power

F1 & F2 Farming

Response to Government Letter, 7.13.16

Summary of Testimony of Robert Brace

Letter to DOJ in Response to January 11th, 2016 Letter

ADM Crop Insurance Letter

Bob Brace's Questions for Senator Toomey

A Nice Sanctuary - this is where it all started!

Supreme Court of the United States, October term, 1994

Comments to the Clean Water Act

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The Brace Travesty

Brace Affidavit

Brace Consent Decree

Federal Court Claim from Judge Allegra, 08.04.2006

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Final Letter to Devlin About Brace CD Violations

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October 1990 - PLA Joins National Property Rights Advocate

December 1991 - DC Protest

December 1993 - Defending 5th Ammendment

April 1994 - USA vs. Robert Brace

November 1994 - The Candidates

January 1995 - Philadelphia Judges Gut Wetland

August 1995 - PA Farmer Denied Supreme Court Hearing

July 1998 - Initiate Takings Claim

November 1998 - Brace Files Takings Claim

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30-Year-Old EPA Wetlands Case Takes Favorable Turn for Aggrieved Pennsylvania Farmer -- PRESS RELEASE

Waterford’s Bob Brace sues government for $8 million

Pa. farmer sues government for $8.1 million

Update Justice May Yet be Served in 30-Year-Old EPA Wetlands Case Against Small Pa Farmer

Justice May Yet be Served in 30-Year-Old EPA Wetlands Case Against Small Pa Farmer PDF

Sixth Circuit Rebukes USDA in Swampbuster Case

Federal Environmental, Wildlife and Indian Policies Jeapordizing U.S. National Food Security

Farm and Dairy - US vs. Brace, the 30-year battle


Michael Bastasch, ‘I Will Name Names’: Infighting At EPA Drives Top Official To Resign, Daily Caller

Timothy Cama, Trump Appointee Steps Down at EPA, The Hill

Andrew Restuccia, Marianne Levine and Nahal Toosi, Federal Workers Turn to Encryption to Thwart Trump, Politico

John Siciliano, Judicial Watch Sues EPA Over Use of Software to Undermine Trump, Washington Examiner

Ralph R. Smith, Another FOIA Lawsuit for the EPA,

Washington University Regulation Studies Center Regulation Digest

EPA Disregard for "WOTUS" Prior Converted Cropland Exclusion Kills Ag Jobs and Contributes to National Security Risk